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How to assess the value of antique jewelry

One random sunny day, my sister called to tell me that our Nigerian mother (who is still alive and well💗) had "shared" her precious jewellery, which she always keeps hidden away in a green box wrapped in tissue and inside her wardrobe, with us three sisters!!! 😳

Yes! You can imagine my surprise! I remember wanting to try them on because of how my mother hid them. Each piece had a story attached from being made by my grandmother or purchased for a specific occasion.

But, hey, I'm glad I finally have my own heirloom! My grandmother made it, my mother passed it down to me, and I hope to pass it down to my own children! So the next thing on my mind was to figure out how much they were really worth, given how long they had been hidden! Imagine my surprise when I discovered how much they were worth!!!

So here are some simple steps to determine the worth of your antique jewellery.

  • For my fellow Nigerians, depending on where you are located, find a gold seller and have your jewellery valued. Mine was valued at Wuse Market, Abuja.

  • For my fellow "abroad " people, get a professional appraiser. To find an appraiser, contact one or more of the significant associations that require their members to meet specific standards and adhere to a code of ethics.

  • Because the value of gems and precious metals can fluctuate, consider having the jewellery appraised every few years.

Guess what? I am now like my mother and only bring out my jewellery on special occasions, and I am looking forward to telling my daughter the stories of each piece!

Don't forget to shop for our beautiful handmade pieces! They may not be made of precious stones and metal, but they are worth your hard-earned money! Thank you for supporting my little business.

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