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Family Day!

Updated: Feb 20

One of the interesting things about moving to Canada is that there is a day dedicated to celebrating the importance of family. Isn't that nice!


In Ontario, the government established Family Day in order to give hard-working individuals more time with their loved ones. I can totally relate to this because you work hard for every dollar earned here! I have a toddler under 3 and sometimes I under stand the saying "have kids when you are young". Her aunty Tomi nicknamed her E- for energy! Wakes up with energy and maintains it for the whole day! Lord, how do I keep up!

A lot goes into parenting and I didn't realsise it till we moved to Canada and I had to forget about all the little luxuries back in Nigeria where you can afford to have a nanny, a driver, a cook, and someone to clean the house. Here, it's a one man army, or two if you are married and your spouse is in the same location with you for most of the time.

How do you balance having to do everything yourself? First it's a mind set shift. I tell myself, "I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me". But it's also important to plan, have a schedule and know when you need a time out! You know what!? Its okay if everything is not in place all the time. Sometimes, pay for someone to watch the kid(s) so you can have some time out. $20 dollars per hour is not too much for your sanity! If you have friends and family, hold them tight so they can help once in a while.

In all, family is important and kids grow up so fast! Being here has reminded me of the importance of family. Call that loved one today, send them a message. Life is short. Hope you all have a lovely long weekend!

For my people outside of Cananda, have a great week and happy Monday in advance!

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